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Performace Artists / 2012

12 January 2014 21:30

In 2012 ORA hosted the first BAWI (Balanced Art World International) FESTIVAL on the rom 18th & 19th of August,  with "stone balance-land artists" from Italy (the first BAWI FESTIVAL was held in Portonovo, Ancona, Italy in April 2012), Canada, & the USA.

LAURA ASTWOOD & the OTTAWA STITLT UNION performed "CURIOX" on the morning of 17 July. The OTTAWA STILT UNION has always provided an exciting & interactive daytime performance for children and adults.

CAROLE FRECHETTE & "OUTOUAIS SLAM" provided a delightful and powerful "SLAM POETRY" perfomance on Sunday the 19th.
IAN HANCHET, Montreal musician, also provided the artists & audience with improvizational jazz-blues guitar througout the festival.


The festival, a two day event, was preceded by LAURA & CHIP FEIBERG, "ACROYOGA ARTISTS", rom Tucson, AZ, USA. The "happening" was improvized on site local "HOOP ARTISTS" JENNIFER ANDERSON & FRIENDS at sunset on the 28th of July


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