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John Felicè Ceprano

John Felicè Ceprano, CEO of OTTAWA ROCK ART INC
was born in Providence, Rhode Island, July 6th 1947. In 1978, he immigrated to Canada, becoming a Canadian citizen in 1991, presently residing in Gatineau, QC.
1) Associate degree in Physics at Community College of Rhode Island in 1968
2) BFA in Fine Art, University of Rhode Island & Ottawa University, 1975.
3) MA in photography, Rhode Island College, with a "graduate assistantship" in art history, 1984, with additional study in photography at the University of Ottawa, 1985 to 1990.

“The Art of Balance" began in 1986; a site-specific project at Remic Rapids, Ottawa, creating a land art installation of balanced natural rock sculptures in situ. A Canada Council grant supported the project in 1989, and has received support from the National Capital Commission since 2000.

In 2009, ORA (Ottawa Rock Art), a non-for profit company, was established with a mandate to:
i) Produce balanced rock sculpture projects, including the annual
“Art of Balance” project at Remic Rapids, Ottawa.
ii) Choreograph and sponsor “performance artists” & events, and organizer of OTTAWAl BAWI (Balanced Art World International) Festivals at the Remic Rapids, Ottawa, since 2012. BAWI is an                 international collective of “stone balance land artists,” established in Italy in 2011.
iii) Providing "art of balance" workshops for schools and youth based organizations, lectures, and instruction, including services to social assistance & educational agencies, such as “The Men’s Project” & “Canadian Teacher’s Federation”.

iv) Promotion of the region’s “environmental tourism”, ecological awareness & Canadian heritage. The Ottawa River is a registered ‘heritage site’.

Other affairs of Ottawa Rock Art include the production of permanent stone sculptures for residential clients & public art programming.

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