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07 November 2012 11:50 |




Remic Rapids, Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa BAWI (Balanced Art World International) 20

18August 2012

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07 November 2012 11:41 |

Blogtalk Radio "John Ceprano - Rock Sculptor, Painter, Photographer" September 13, 2012


John Felice Ceprano is an international balanced rock sculptor, a painter and a photographer. Born in Rhode Island, NY, John moved to Ottawa, (...)

02 November 2012 11:41 |

"One Man's Quest for Balance" by DEBRA HURON

"One Man's Quest for Balance"

The entire magazine is presented in PDF for easy reading, with many other interesting articles.

http://www.healthwiseottawa (...)

21 October 2012 19:24 |

OTTAWA BAWI (Balanced Art World International) 2 VIDEOS August 18-19 2012

Ottawa BAWI Stone Balance Festival

The delicate art of stone balancing on display

CBC TV 19 August 2012

http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/Ottawa/ID (...)

21 October 2012 17:36 |


The following link to "BOOKENDS", celebrating ten years of the numerous collaborations with Ecological Art curator and editor, Nohra Corredor, New York City, USA.

Ecological Art features in depth reviews and essays on the various elements of environmental art, the artists, their work, environments and writings.

Co-Sponsors: Ecological Art-TV Book Huggers Events Welcome to John F. Ceprano's "BOOKENDS"/2011 (...)
21 March 2012 23:29 |

First International Stone Balance Festival March-April 2012_ Ancona, Italy

Stone Balance Photo exhibition March 10 to April 15 2012 Hotel Excelsior la Fonte PORTONOVO, ANCONA, ITALIA "STONE BALANCE" presented by SABIArt (Stone Art Balance International) INSTANTS OF ETERNITY Istanti di eternità Il catalogo: http://it.blurb.com/books/2975872 Followed by Public Event for B A W I · By Nella Betti Fallia and Carlo Pietrarossi April 14 at 12:00am until April 15 at 11:30pm Over 20 artists from Six countries gather to balance for peace and love Più di 20 artisti da (...)

22 December 2011 00:28 |

The Rock Sculptor By Bruce Deachman, The Ottawa Citizen November 15, 2011

John Felice Ceprano went down to the Ottawa River one day in 1986 and balanced one rock on top of another. Twenty-five years later, his sculptures have been seen by people all over the world.

On a July weekend in 1998, artist John Felice Ceprano arrived at Remic Rapids on the Ottawa River and discovered that someone had defaced the rock sculptures he’d been creating there for a dozen years, splattering them with yellow house paint.

Heartbroken that someone (...)