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The painting process is similar to that of the rock balance art. The pursuit of balance is the goal in each medium, and integrating the various elements is essential for balance to be experienced by the viewer. 
The sculpture installations depend upon equilibrium in every dimension: vertical// horizontal// spacial.

 This universal nature of equilibrium also influences the paintings with a balanced palette of atmospheric effects & lighting, with reflections of colour saturated with light. 

Light is an important element, pretending forms into figures, mystically translating space conditioned by every sunrise & sunset, every breeze, every cloud and all the various forms of water which connects them. 


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    WORKS ON CANVAS 09 March 2013 13:05

    Each gallery represents a period of experiments inspired by the "rock balance" sculptures, and nature. My first career choice was meteorology, and that knowledge continues to... »


    PAPER WORKS 20 January 2015 13:00

    “Works on Paper"
    A collection of of galleries of work on various papers, and a diversified variety of ideas & experiments spanning over 40 years.
    The galleries... »

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