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Colour is what gives a painting life, and movement is what explains the message in the story. I strive for that in each painting by integrating, dissecting, intersecting, merging, and integrating a flow of energy without knowing what the results will be.

It is conceptual - surrealist art without a plan plan, only results and knowledge beyond words.
Each painting is a progression from the previous, referring to the previous experiments to discover or invent more articulate  solutions. "Create a problem, then solve it."

The more than a quarter century practise in the stone balance influences the paintings with information realized trough the balance process, witnessed in the photographs as well as the process to create the sculptures.
The work with stones also influences the painting with the use of negative space definitions, plus the stone's textures and bold and clear lines of definition. Due to the circular nature realized in all disciplines, the sculptures are in-turn referring to knowledge acquired from the process of the painting. Ultimately, each practise, each environment, affects the other, integrating the two into one appreciation for the joy of "making stuff".

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    WORKS ON CANVAS 09 March 2013 13:05

    To view or purchase the work presented in these galleries, please contact John Felicé Ceprano for a personal studio visit
    @ ceprano@earthlink.net or 1819 682 0743


    PAPER WORKS 20 January 2015 13:00

    “Works on Paper"
    A collection of of galleries of work on various papers, and a diversified variety of ideas & experiments spanning over 40 years.
    The galleries... »

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